Sweden is home to several species of venomous snakes that pose a potential threat to humans and animals. This comprehensive guide provides valuable information about these snakes, their characteristics, habitats, and safety precautions.

Types of Venomous Snakes in Sweden

1. Common European Adder (Vipera berus)

2. Smooth Snake (Coronella austriaca)

3. Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)

4. Aesculapian Snake (Zamenis longissimus)

Characteristics of Venomous Snakes

Venomous snakes in Sweden share several common characteristics:

  • Triangular-shaped heads
  • Vertical, elliptical pupils
  • Pit organs between the eye and nostril
  • Distinctive color patterns
  • Prefers sunny habitats like open fields and meadows

Safety Precautions

When spending time outdoors in areas known to have venomous snakes, it is important to follow these safety precautions:

  1. Stay on designated trails
  2. Wear protective footwear, such as sturdy boots
  3. Watch where you step and avoid tall grass or brush
  4. Avoid placing hands or feet in crevices or holes
  5. Do not attempt to handle or approach snakes
  6. Keep pets on a leash


Being aware of the venomous snakes found in Sweden and taking necessary safety precautions can help reduce the risk of snakebite incidents. If you encounter a venomous snake, it is best to keep a safe distance and contact local authorities for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all snakes in Sweden venomous?

A: No, only a few species of snakes in Sweden are venomous, including the Common European Adder, Smooth Snake, Grass Snake, and Aesculapian Snake.

Q: What should I do if I am bitten by a venomous snake?

A: If bitten by a venomous snake, seek immediate medical attention. Stay calm and immobilize the affected area if possible while waiting for medical assistance.

Q: Can venomous snakes be found in urban areas?

A: While venomous snakes primarily inhabit natural habitats, there have been occasional sightings of venomous snakes in urban areas. It is important to remain cautious even in developed areas.

Q: Are venomous snakes aggressive towards humans?

A: Venomous snakes in Sweden are generally not aggressive towards humans and will only bite as a defense mechanism. However, it is important to maintain a safe distance and avoid provoking or handling snakes.



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