Elden Ring, the highly-anticipated action role-playing game, has captured the attention of gamers worldwide with its intense and challenging gameplay. Among the various weapons and items that players can utilize in their quest for power, the Venomous Fang stands out as a deadly and alluring choice. This comprehensive guide aims to provide everything you need to know about the Venomous Fang in Elden Ring, including its statistics, upgrade paths, and the best ways to use it to your advantage.

What is the Venomous Fang?

As the name suggests, the Venomous Fang is a weapon imbued with deadly venom, capable of inflicting poison damage on enemies and draining their health over time. This weapon can be found or obtained as loot throughout the game world, making it a valuable asset to players looking for a way to deal with the game’s many formidable foes.

Statistics and Upgrade Path

The Venomous Fang is categorized as a dagger weapon, with a focus on dexterity and scaling. It has a relatively fast attack speed and low base damage, but its true power lies in its ability to inflict poison on enemies. The Venomous Fang can be upgraded through several pathways, including the standard, sharp, and poison infusion upgrade paths. Each upgrade can provide different benefits depending on your playstyle and desired build.

  • Standard Upgrades: This path boosts the weapon’s base damage and dexterity scaling, as well as slightly increasing its poison buildup. It’s ideal for players who want a balanced approach to using the Venomous Fang.
  • Sharp Upgrades: This path focuses on increasing dexterity scaling even further. It’s perfect for players who prioritize agility and quick strikes, as it can lead to high critical damage with the backstab and riposte attack techniques.
  • Poison Infusion Upgrades: As the name implies, this path enhances the poison buildup of the Venomous Fang, making it an even more potent tool for utilizing the toxic status effect. This is an ideal upgrade path for those who wish to wreak havoc on enemies with poison damage over time.

Strategy and Tactics

When using the Venomous Fang, it’s essential to adopt a tactical approach to combat. This isn’t a weapon designed for brute force, but rather, one that rewards careful planning and well-timed strikes. Below are some tips and tactics to get the most out of the Venomous Fang:

  • Build up poison: Focus on landing multiple hits on enemies to maximize the venom’s effect. Once the poison’s buildup reaches the enemy’s threshold, they’ll begin to lose health rapidly, giving you a significant advantage in battle.
  • Hit and run: The Venomous Fang’s fast attack speed and poison effect make it perfect for hit and run tactics. Attack your enemies quickly and then retreat to a safe distance, allowing the poison to do its work while you avoid taking damage.
  • Utilize stealth: The Venomous Fang’s dagger class and low weight make it ideal for stealthy players who want to get the drop on foes. Use the environment and line of sight to your advantage, sneaking up on enemies for devastating backstab attacks.
  • Upgrade wisely: Choose the upgrade path that best suits your playstyle to maximize the Venomous Fang’s potential. Experiment with different builds to find the perfect mix of damage, speed, and poison potency.


The Venomous Fang is a unique and alluring weapon in Elden Ring that offers a versatile and strategic approach to combat. Whether you choose to focus on the standard, sharp, or poison infusion upgrade paths, this deadly dagger can become a powerful tool in your arsenal. With proper tactics and the right build, the Venomous Fang can strike fear into the hearts of even the most resilient foes in the world of Elden Ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the Venomous Fang in Elden Ring?

A: The Venomous Fang can be found as loot throughout the game world. Keep an eye out for hidden treasures and enemy drops, as they may contain this deadly weapon.

Q: Can I dual-wield Venomous Fangs?

A: Yes, you can dual-wield Venomous Fangs, allowing you to double your poison buildup potential and attack enemies with even greater speed. However, this strategy may require additional investment in dexterity and stamina to be effective.

Q: What other weapons can inflict poison damage in Elden Ring?

A: There are several other weapons in Elden Ring that can also inflict poison damage, including the Poison Spiked Club, Poison Throwing Knives, and the Lacerating Arrow. These weapons can be used in combination with the Venomous Fang to create a highly toxic build.



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