Divinity 2 is an epic role-playing game that offers players a vast and immersive world filled with danger, intrigue, and complex characters. Among the many formidable abilities that players can harness in the game, Venomous Aura stands out as one of the most dangerous and captivating powers to wield. This article will explore the deadly allure of the Venomous Aura in Divinity 2, delving into its mechanics, strategic uses, and potential drawbacks, ultimately answering the all-important question: is it worth it?

Understanding Venomous Aura

One of the distinct features of Divinity 2 is its diverse range of abilities that players can use to turn the tide of battle in their favor. Venomous Aura is an ability gained by mastering the Geomancer skill line, which focuses on manipulating earth and poison elements. When activated, the Venomous Aura surrounds the player with a dark, swirling aura of deadly poison energy, causing all nearby allies’ physical attacks to inflict additional poison damage for a short duration. Other advantages include:

  • Poison damage scales with the player’s Geomancer skill level
  • Stacks with other damage boosts like Warfare and Two-Handed for maximum offensive potential
  • Synergizes well with other poison-themed skills and abilities.

Strategic Uses of Venomous Aura

As one might expect, the Venomous Aura offers a range of strategic options for players to employ in combat. Some common tactics include:

  • Using Venomous Aura in combination with other poison abilities, such as Contaminate and Poison Dart, to create a highly hazardous battlefield for enemies.
  • Applying Venomous Aura to allies who excel in close-quarters combat, increasing their damage potential and ensuring that enemies receive poison damage even if they manage to evade direct attacks.
  • Utilizing Venomous Aura to deal significant poison damage to enemy summons or undead creatures, turning their ranks against them.

Drawbacks of Venomous Aura

While the ability to inflict devastating poison damage at will may seem invincible, there are notable risks and weaknesses inherent to the use of Venomous Aura. These include:

  • Many enemies, especially later in the game, possess Poison Immunity or high Poison Resistance, making the ability far less effective in certain encounters.
  • The Venomous Aura is an area-of-effect ability, meaning that its benefits only apply to allies within a certain radius of the caster. Thus, coordinating its use can be challenging, particularly if the player’s party is spread out across the battlefield.
  • Investment in the Geomancer skill line can be costly in terms of ability points and may detract from other essential combat or support skills.

Is the Venomous Aura Worth It?

Ultimately, the value of the Venomous Aura is highly dependent on the player’s preferred playstyle, party composition, and overall strategy. In the hands of a skilled and resourceful player, the Venomous Aura can be a devastating tool that cripples enemy forces and grants their team a substantial advantage on the battlefield. However, its effectiveness is situational, and using it to its full potential requires careful planning and coordination. As such, it may not be the best choice for every player or build, but those who appreciate a high-risk, high-reward playstyle may find the challenge and the deadly allure of the Venomous Aura impossible to resist.

Conclusion & FAQs

The Venomous Aura in Divinity 2 offers players a potent, though situational, ability that can turn the tide of battle in their favor with its deadly poison damage. However, it requires careful planning, party coordination, and some investment in the Geomancer skill line to maximize its potential. For players who embrace a high-risk, high-reward playstyle and appreciate the challenge of mastering this poisonous power, the Venomous Aura may prove to be an essential and satisfying addition to their arsenal.


Q: How do I obtain the Venomous Aura in Divinity 2?

A: The ability can be accessed by investing points into the Geomancer skill line, usually by finding or purchasing the corresponding skill book and learning the skill.

Q: How does the Venomous Aura interact with other abilities?

A: The Aura synergizes well with other poison-themed skills and abilities, such as Contaminate and Poison Dart, and its damage bonus stacks with other damage boosts like Warfare and Two-Handed.

Q: In which situations is the Venomous Aura most effective?

A: The ability is particularly useful against enemies that are susceptible to poison damage, and it works well for coordinated teams that can group together to maximize its area-of-effect benefits.



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